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I truly believe that when kids outgrow the baby stage around 5 years old, they blossom into adventurous big kids full of imagination, creativity, and an intense ability to play hard. These so-called “big kids” between 5-11 don’t associate with being a baby or toddler, and aren’t quite tweens or teenagers. Yet, they are in such impressionable years.

I felt this first hand with my middle child, Mia.

The idea of Magic Hair hit me quickly on a family trip after an encounter with mom guilt. My own hair was falling out, it had been ignored for a long time, and I brought a specialized shampoo on our trip to begin treatment. Mia watched me and wanted a way to personalize her personal care. I handed her generic baby shampoo and the disappointment was immediate. I didn’t see her or who she was becoming. At that moment, I realized my growing, active children have preferences in more than just food and clothes…it is in their everyday things and interactions. 

With us all emerging from a pandemic that not only emphasized cleanliness, made us realize how important mental health and social connection are, as well as reignited our passion for being outdoors, my kids helped me see that taking care of ourselves is more important than ever.

Something kids use everyday, something as simple as shampoo and conditioner really gets overlooked by most parents. They are provided with baby shampoo, adult shampoo, or generic children's shampoo which isn't relatable and some of the ingredients are questionable. After surveying moms and dads with kids from 5 to 11 years old, Magic Hair was born.


Not a Toddler Anymore.
Not Quite a Teenager.


All Genders, Races, and Hair Types Welcome.

Socially Responsible

Plant Based Haircare and Environmentally Conscious.

Positive Messaging

Affirmations on Every Bottle For a Healthy Mindset.

Raise Big Kids.

We are on a mission to empower big kids with more than a clean hairline. As we raise this next generation of adventurous, inclusive, and socially responsible kids, we do so to help them discover the gift of magic within themselves.

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